We are coffee lovers and are on a mission to educate consumers about the best of the coffee world.

It’s been said that caffeine is the world’s most popular drug. We frankly agree with that assessment unless of course sugar is invited into the conversation.

Look, coffee is a $100 billion /yr global industry. In-fact, it takes second in terms of commodities only to crude oil. Over 500 billion cups of coffee of consumed globally every year. Of those 500 billion, 14 billion are Italian espressos.

Additionally, coffee is the source of 75% of American’s caffeine consumption. Which is of course interesting because of the insane amount of soda’s we put away.

Furthermore, 90% of the world’s coffee production takes place in Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia.

Interesting factoids aside, the purpose of Invictiv is to dive deep into the incredible amount of types, styles and flavors of coffee. Not only that, but the vast selection of makers, grinders and other interesting coffee supplies.

We’re getting in on the action and we’re doing it in an informative and helpful way.